Helping organisations transform

Our aspiration is to catalyse real transformation by bringing analytical skills, functional expertise and human change insights into play in a way that makes things click and stick.

– but still possible​

25+ years of extensive studies and helping leading organisations solve their most important, complex and wicked problems have taught us some important lessons.

There is no blueprint for success. The heartbreaking truth is that it always depends. That is why “having seen it before” and experience actually help. We need to start with a solid plan – and from there, we have to be able to improvise and deviate from the plan. We need to bring the insights that make the difference – and then listen and adapt to achieve success. 

There is always a human dimension of co-creation embedded in catalytic transformation. When the people involved in making the change happen are truly engaged and grow their capabilities in the process, the odds of success are dramatically increased – and we know that we have left the organisation in a truly better place. 

What we do, we call collaborative consulting

It is super ambitious, and super difficult - but we want to help organisations get fit for humans and fit for the future. We want to help organisations, creating a movement that people really want to do.

The fundamental question is; "what is most helpful right now". Because that is ultimately what we are here for, to help.


We believe that to qualify to be part of helping an organisation, we need a basic understanding of the dynamics and the nature of the industry we are in. However, we also believe that focusing entirely on what is known to work well may inhibit new ideas.

To us, industry-specific knowledge must always go hand in hand with deep functional expertise that sometimes comes from other domains and industries. 

New ideas come from curious experts who know that they do not know it all.

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We are headquartered in Copenhagen with offices in Scandinavia, Europe and the US. With more than 1,500 consultants on board, our expertise is both specialist and global.