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Welcome to our Zurich office, the Swiss home of Implement Consulting Group. Here, you find your partner for tackling strategic and operational challenges. Over the past five years, we have grown threefold, fuelled by a dedication to driving progress and transformation for our clients.

We are a team of multifaceted strategists and consultants working passionately to catalyse positive change and deliver meaningful impact for your business.

But we are not just consultants; we are also strategic problem-solvers, commercial excellence enthusiasts, growth hackers and transformation experts, all with deep functional expertise and a breadth of experience across various industries.

We pride ourselves on being a diverse team that is locally rooted yet globally aware – a dynamic mix that enriches our strategic approach.

Our approach

At Implement Consulting Group Switzerland, we have embraced a transformative approach to management consulting, inspired by our roots in Copenhagen. A philosophy that values the intricate dance of change, cherishing the art of “doing” just as much as “thinking”. This is not about a consultant-client transaction; it is about forging a genuine partnership.

When you engage with us, it is not merely a project. It is a shared journey. We do not work for you but alongside you, understanding that the best solutions emerge from mutual collaboration. Our clients choose us not as a mere service provider but as a true partner, one with a deep understanding of their business and equipped with the expertise to tackle their unique challenges. If you are seeking more than just a consultancy, if you are looking for a partner in the truest sense of the word, we invite you to experience the Implement approach.

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The best place for the best people

In Switzerland, we are on a mission to expand our team with highly skilled and passionate colleagues. We cultivate a culture of autonomy and entrepreneurship, allowing our team to focus on the areas that interest them the most. We value teamwork and the benefit of having easy access to our global pool of colleagues, just as we share our knowledge and expertise with them.

We offer an environment alive with dedicated professionals working in unison with clients, always aspiring to create tangible impact through collaborative consulting.

This is not just about business; it is about the human connection, the shared ambition and the collective drive to create something meaningful. We aim to be the best place for the best people. And people are at the heart of everything we do – in relation to our clients as well as internally.

What I love the most about Implement is the infinite different ways in which I can develop. Implement gives me the opportunity to follow my passion and work in the areas that really motivate me and where I can create impact. For me, that is sustainability, for example.

– Matthias Dopslaff

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