We have the privilege of being trusted advisers in a wide range of private and public organisations. This privilege comes with an equally large obligation to maintain the highest possible level of ethics connected to all engagements with clients.

Not only on an organisational level, in respect of confidentiality, expertise and the experience we provide in the projects we are involved in, but also on a personal level, where authenticity, curiosity and respect for individual needs, thoughts and opinions are extremely important to us.

If you know, think or suspect that Implement as a company or individuals employed by Implement do not honour this obligation, we encourage you to come forward. Your enquiry will be handled with the utmost confidentiality and on a need-to-know basis only by the specific person(s) you choose to reach out to.

Please reach out to

Implement Legal

Niels Ahrengot, CEO

Stig Albertsen, Chairman of the Board