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[ { "meta": { "id": 225471, "title": "Choice making in an era of paradoxes", "teaserTitle": "Choice making in an era of paradoxes", "hiddenPage": false, "slug": "tl23_virtual_choice-making-in-an-era-of-paradoxes", "url": "/events/tl23_virtual_choice-making-in-an-era-of-paradoxes", "section": "events", "author": "David Cytryn", "type": { "handle": "promoted", "name": "Promoted" }, "postDate": "2023-08-17T14", "dateUpdated": "2023-11-29T09", "tags": [], "media": null, "summary": "Virtual Global Thought Leaders Summit on how to make better leadership decisions in a world of competing demands.", "date": "2023-11-28T00", "clickdimensionId": "21564", "clickdimensionCustomFormId": null, "isClickDimensionForm": false, "startTime": "14:00", "endTime": "15:15", "timeZone": "CET", "location": "Online", "month": "November", "dateTime": 1701129600000 } }, { "meta": { "id": 363820, "title": "TL STHLM_The Power of and", "teaserTitle": "The power of and ", "hiddenPage": false, "slug": "tl-sthlm_the-power-of-and", "url": "/events/tl-sthlm_the-power-of-and", "section": "events", "author": "Sidsel Vesterdahl", "type": { "handle": "default", "name": "Default" }, "postDate": "2023-10-06T12", "dateUpdated": "2023-11-21T13", "tags": [], "media": null, "summary": "Local Thought Leaders summit in Stockholm; embracing paradoxes to thrive in times of turmoil", "date": "2023-11-28T00", "clickdimensionId": "22525", "clickdimensionCustomFormId": null, "isClickDimensionForm": false, "startTime": "13:30", "endTime": "16:30", "timeZone": "CET", "location": "Stockholm", "month": "November", "dateTime": 1701129600000 } }, { "meta": { "id": 400382, "title": "The B Impact Assessment", "teaserTitle": "The B Impact Assessment", "hiddenPage": false, "slug": "the-b-impact-assessment", "url": "/events/the-b-impact-assessment", "section": "events", "author": "Sidsel Vesterdahl", "type": { "handle": "default", "name": "Default" }, "postDate": "2023-10-17T13", "dateUpdated": "2023-11-13T18", "tags": [], "media": null, "summary": "B Lab Nordics X IMPLEMENT", "date": "2023-11-28T00", "clickdimensionId": "22626", "clickdimensionCustomFormId": null, "isClickDimensionForm": false, "startTime": "09:00", "endTime": "09:30", "timeZone": "CET", "location": "Online", "month": "November", "dateTime": 1701129600000 } }, { "meta": { "id": 382842, "title": "Women in consulting", "teaserTitle": "Women in consulting", "hiddenPage": false, "slug": "women-in-consulting", "url": "/events/women-in-consulting", "section": "events", "author": "Sidsel Vesterdahl", "type": { "handle": "default", "name": "Default" }, "postDate": "2023-10-11T16", "dateUpdated": "2023-11-28T13", "tags": [], "media": null, "summary": "An inspiring evening for students on creating a career in operations and optimisation", "date": "2023-11-29T00", "clickdimensionId": null, "clickdimensionCustomFormId": null, "isClickDimensionForm": false, "startTime": "17:00", "endTime": "21:00", "timeZone": "CET", "location": "Copenhagen", "month": "November", "dateTime": 1701216000000 } }, { "meta": { "id": 343764, "title": "Increasing NPS", "teaserTitle": "Increasing NPS", "hiddenPage": false, "slug": "increasing-nps", "url": "/events/increasing-nps", "section": "events", "author": "Sidsel Vesterdahl", "type": { "handle": "default", "name": "Default" }, "postDate": "2023-09-27T14", "dateUpdated": "2023-11-13T18", "tags": [], "media": null, "summary": "– how to boost the “human touchpoint” in customer service", "date": "2023-11-30T00", "clickdimensionId": "22452", "clickdimensionCustomFormId": null, "isClickDimensionForm": false, "startTime": "10:00", "endTime": "11:00", "timeZone": "CET", "location": "Online", "month": "November", "dateTime": 1701302400000 } }, { "meta": { "id": 312628, "title": "Create more value with change projects", "teaserTitle": "Create more value with change projects", "hiddenPage": false, "slug": "create-more-value-with-change-projects_online23", "url": "/events/create-more-value-with-change-projects_online23", "section": "events", "author": "Sidsel Vesterdahl", "type": { "handle": "default", "name": "Default" }, "postDate": "2023-09-18T13", "dateUpdated": "2023-11-13T18", "tags": [], "media": null, "summary": "Get a practical guide to value creation and learn how Norlys succeeded in realising their benefits potential", "date": "2023-12-05T00", "clickdimensionId": "22390", "clickdimensionCustomFormId": null, "isClickDimensionForm": false, "startTime": "09:00", "endTime": "10:30", "timeZone": "CET", "location": "Online", "month": "December", "dateTime": 1701734400000 } }, { "meta": { "id": 346240, "title": "Unlocking the future of manufacturing", "teaserTitle": "Unlocking the future of manufacturing", "hiddenPage": false, "slug": "unlocking-the-future-of-manufacturing", "url": "/events/unlocking-the-future-of-manufacturing", "section": "events", "author": "Sidsel Vesterdahl", "type": { "handle": "default", "name": "Default" }, "postDate": "2023-09-28T14", "dateUpdated": "2023-11-13T18", "tags": [], "media": null, "summary": "Exploring the evolution and innovation of SAP ePP/DS.", "date": "2023-12-06T00", "clickdimensionId": "22454", "clickdimensionCustomFormId": null, "isClickDimensionForm": false, "startTime": "09:30", "endTime": "11:30", "timeZone": "CET", "location": "Online", "month": "December", "dateTime": 1701820800000 } }, { "meta": { "id": 349023, "title": "Inclusive meetings", "teaserTitle": "Inclusive meetings", "hiddenPage": false, "slug": "inclusive-meetings", "url": "/events/inclusive-meetings", "section": "events", "author": "Sidsel Vesterdahl", "type": { "handle": "default", "name": "Default" }, "postDate": "2023-10-03T12", "dateUpdated": "2023-11-13T18", "tags": [], "media": null, "summary": "Practical paradoxical decision-making.", "date": "2023-12-07T00", "clickdimensionId": "22472", "clickdimensionCustomFormId": null, "isClickDimensionForm": false, "startTime": "09:00", "endTime": "10:00", "timeZone": "CET", "location": "Online", "month": "December", "dateTime": 1701907200000 } }, { "meta": { "id": 435397, "title": "Climate change readiness", "teaserTitle": "Climate change readiness", "hiddenPage": false, "slug": "climate-change-readiness", "url": "/events/climate-change-readiness", "section": "events", "author": "Sidsel Vesterdahl", "type": { "handle": "default", "name": "Default" }, "postDate": "2023-11-06T14", "dateUpdated": "2023-11-13T18", "tags": [], "media": null, "summary": "How well Swiss companies are prepared for a world with a changing climate", "date": "2023-12-07T00", "clickdimensionId": "22718", "clickdimensionCustomFormId": null, "isClickDimensionForm": false, "startTime": "13:00", "endTime": "13:25", "timeZone": "CET", "location": "Online", "month": "December", "dateTime": 1701907200000 } }, { "meta": { "id": 381733, "title": "Enhance your pricing strategy", "teaserTitle": "Enhance your pricing strategy", "hiddenPage": false, "slug": "enhance-your-pricing-strategy", "url": "/events/enhance-your-pricing-strategy", "section": "events", "author": "Sidsel Vesterdahl", "type": { "handle": "default", "name": "Default" }, "postDate": "2023-10-11T14", "dateUpdated": "2023-11-21T13", "tags": [], "media": null, "summary": "How to unlock the power of data and technology for pricing success.", "date": "2023-12-14T00", "clickdimensionId": "22556", "clickdimensionCustomFormId": null, "isClickDimensionForm": false, "startTime": "10:00", "endTime": "10:45", "timeZone": "CET", "location": "Online", "month": "December", "dateTime": 1702512000000 } }, { "meta": { "id": 445416, "title": "Design for adaptability", "teaserTitle": "Design for adaptability", "hiddenPage": false, "slug": "design-for-adaptability", "url": "/events/design-for-adaptability", "section": "events", "author": "Sidsel Vesterdahl", "type": { "handle": "default", "name": "Default" }, "postDate": "2023-11-07T20", "dateUpdated": "2023-11-27T09", "tags": [], "media": null, "summary": "De-risking the green transition", "date": "2023-12-15T00", "clickdimensionId": null, "clickdimensionCustomFormId": null, "isClickDimensionForm": false, "startTime": "09:00", "endTime": "11:30", "timeZone": "CET", "location": "Copenhagen", "month": "December", "dateTime": 1702598400000 } }, { "meta": { "id": 387566, "title": "Future female management consultants", "teaserTitle": "Future female management consultants", "hiddenPage": false, "slug": "future-female-management-consultants", "url": "/events/future-female-management-consultants", "section": "events", "author": "Sidsel Vesterdahl", "type": { "handle": "default", "name": "Default" }, "postDate": "2023-10-13T14", "dateUpdated": "2023-11-13T18", "tags": [], "media": null, "summary": "Join Implement’s Women’s Programme 2024 in Gothenburg", "date": "2024-01-02T00", "clickdimensionId": null, "clickdimensionCustomFormId": null, "isClickDimensionForm": false, "startTime": "09:00", "endTime": "17:00", "timeZone": "CET", "location": "Gothenburg", "month": "January", "dateTime": 1704153600000 } }, { "meta": { "id": 491216, "title": "Self-management and co-leadership in organisations", "teaserTitle": "Self-management and co-leadership in organisations", "hiddenPage": false, "slug": "self-management-and-co-leadership-in-organisations", "url": "/events/self-management-and-co-leadership-in-organisations", "section": "events", "author": "Sidsel Vesterdahl", "type": { "handle": "default", "name": "Default" }, "postDate": "2023-11-22T15", "dateUpdated": "2023-11-28T16", "tags": [], "media": null, "summary": "How do you start transforming your organisation into a dynamic and fast-acting empowered machine (a lean and mean acting machine 😊)?", "date": "2024-02-08T00", "clickdimensionId": "491216", "clickdimensionCustomFormId": null, "isClickDimensionForm": false, "startTime": "09:00", "endTime": "10:00", "timeZone": "CET", "location": "Online", "month": "February", "dateTime": 1707350400000 } } ]