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We are a team of true problem-solvers dedicated to helping organisations become fit for humans and fit for the future. To us, consulting is, in essence, about helping. That is what we do. And we count ourselves extraordinarily lucky to work with major organisations, helping them solve their most critical challenges.
At Implement Sweden, we bring an uncompromising combination of deep functional and transformational expertise covering the full width of the Implement portfolio. We are a team of ambitious, visionary and purpose-driven nerds who are in the business of helping.
Clients come to us because they are looking for a partner rather than a supplier. They get to work with highly skilled professionals who understand their business and who have the expertise necessary to help solve the challenges they are facing.
In Sweden, we are proud to support many of the main organisations in our market – organisations that have been groundbreaking in creating past successes and defining the steps ahead. With extensive expertise in areas that matter, we are highly dedicated to supporting the organisations we work with in becoming fit for humans and fit for the future.

A unique approach to helping organisations transform

At Implement, we collaborate closely with our clients, offering them a unique approach to creating organisational transformation. By involving our clients early in the process, we ensure a high degree of co-creation and co-ownership in the change process – something we believe is essential in order to create lasting transformation.

We call this approach collaborative consulting. It allows us to deploy and align our cross-functional expertise with our clients’ objectives, enabling us to deliver sustainable impact.

Our Malmö office

Our Malmö office has become a thriving and rapidly growing part of Implement since it was founded in 2010. Nestled in the heart of Malmö with a picturesque view of the Öresund Bridge, our office space offers an ideal hub for our diverse expertise.
Our clients feature a diverse range of local and global organisations that all have one thing in common – the ambition of achieving impact and real, lasting change. The variety of clients allows us to offer customised solutions that meet each organisation’s unique needs.

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Join us and make Implement yours

From the second you join, Implement is yours to develop, explore and care for. How you progress and what level you reach for, is for you to decide. Exactly like we work with our clients on projects, we also co-own and co-create our company. We aspire to work with the most ambitious companies on their most fundamental challenges, leaving every organisation we collaborate with in a truly better place. And so, we offer a vibrant environment for you to grow your mastery.

One myth we feel needs busting is that there’s a certain way to look and behave if you’re consultant. At Implement, there isn’t. We deliberately foster an environment with minimal rules and guidelines, creating a space for individual development and exploration.

Our aim is to create the perfect playground for talent to flourish, and our colleagues enjoy a great deal of autonomy to work in the ways that best suit them, their teams, and their projects.

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