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We're a European based consultancy engaged in creating sustainable change and transformation.

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Founded in 1996
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It's a battle worth fighting...

Only 33% of all change projects delivers the impact intended.

Only 14% consider themselves fully engaged in their job.

We think these numbers represent a huge untapped potential for organisations.

We also believe that they are correlated. We need to be curious on understanding the underlying granularity of both, in order to design and drive successful transformations.

How we think and work

We're guided by...

We think it’s fair to conclude that “we need to change the way we change” . More specifically we need to question our own conventional thinking, anecdotal best practice and never put “change management” on autopilot. And we think it's a principal necessity to try to understand the paradoxes – the irrational yet somehow predictable human side of change management.

We have defined the core personas that we strive to own and understand, different perspectives that the ultimate Implementer will strive to own and develop. The truth is that no two change encounters are similar and every conversation therefore calls for reflection – what perspective best serves this specific situation?

Where are you most confident, what’s your blind spot, where is your personal growth potential?

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