Being close to our clients all across Germany

Our German presence started in 2018 with the opening of our Munich office. Since then, offices in Hamburg and Düsseldorf have been added, allowing us to be close to our clients all across Germany and deliver exceptional consulting services across many industries. Our client base includes private and public sector organisations from a wide range of industries, including healthcare, financial services, industrial goods and many more.

Having grown our team in Germany to over 70 highly skilled professionals, we can support you as a trusted partner throughout your transformation journey.

We believe in global knowledge with local roots. Our consultants make use of their deep understanding of the German market combined with the knowledge and experience of a global network of 1,800+ Implement experts worldwide when we support you in realising your transformation efforts.

How do we help you?

When you engage with us, it is not merely a project. It is a shared journey. We do not work for you but together with you, as we believe that the best solutions emerge from mutual collaboration.

In Germany, we are taking this approach to the next level. Our teams are diverse, consisting of consultants who bring different backgrounds and expertise from a variety of industries. Collaborating with you on projects, you get the full advantage of this diversity as we set up our project teams in ways that allow each team to be inspired and learn from each other across industries and service areas.

How we help you

We do collaborative consulting

When implementing change and providing support in different transformation processes, we put a strong emphasis on involving you as our clients from the very beginning of every project.

We involve our clients to a very high degree in order to co-create the change processes we are initiating together. We call this collaborative consulting, and it includes creating a positive atmosphere, providing great energy and producing appealing visual methods to facilitate dialogue.

This approach makes a difference in the whole client-consultant relationship because we know, from many years of experience, that only together can we create the biggest impact.

Meet us in Germany

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