A global transformation collective

We are a globally expanding management consulting firm, born out of a genuine wish to create impact. To turn plans into impact and dreams into progress.

We come from a heritage of flat hierarchies and a low power distance, and we believe – in fact, we know – that the odds of success radically improve when change makes sense on a personal level for the people involved. This holds a deeply rooted invitation to leverage the wisdom of the crowd, to lead with curiosity, to engage and to energise when transforming. 

Real transformation is rarely manifested through a top-down and compliant-based cascading of a detailed plan only. Real transformation most often calls for twinning the great plan with the ability to create a movement among empowered and capable people.

What we do, we call collaborative consulting

The boring facts

Numbers that we're proud of, yet humble about. 

A problem that deserves to go away

For almost a century, various global studies focusing on the success of projects, transformations or change initiatives have consistently shown that roughly a third of our change endeavours are considered successful – creating the impact they were intended to create. Or put differently, that two-thirds of all the money, time and resources we put into our most important projects could be better spent. From a business perspective, it is financially unsound. From a human perspective, it is tragic.

This is the inconvenient truth we have set out to change. Our invitation is a joint effort to bring our experience and deep understanding of the DNA of transformations into all the organisations, all the projects, all the leadership teams and all the people we touch. And we keep searching for new insights to improve this global 33% batting average. 

We believe that organisations have the agency and the capacity to take on the challenge of creating a better future. To do that, they must be fit for humans. Only if we all bring our unique skills, passion, imagination and creativity to work can we tackle the challenges in front of us. To us, this explains why “fit for the future” rhymes with “fit for humans”.

What we do

Promises we will (never) keep

In essence, we are engaged as consultants because of our expertise. Our knowledge, insights and experience are at the heart of what clients expect in order to improve the odds of success in a critical initiative.

While expertise is the qualifier, impact is actually what we are evaluated on when the project is finished. All the expertise in the world will not move the needle if we cannot put it into play in a way that creates the intended impact. 

This is our promise. To bring our expertise and insights into play in a way that truly engages and empowers the organisation. To encourage people to embrace curiosity and co-creation so that the collective insights from both sides craft the solutions to the worthwhile problems we need to tackle.

We are not there yet

We are doing our utmost to build this new global transformation consultancy in a responsible way. In a way that does not compromise our culture. We are strong in Scandinavia. We are growing in Switzerland and Germany. We are finding our way into the US. We will expand with care, remembering that the quality of our people is more important than the size of our business. We are not there yet, and we have only just started.

Sustainability and diversity are two big agendas that need to be integrated into all our choices and our way of designing a company that is fit for the future. We are still on our way, and we are working hard to shape the conversations, create the awareness and make the choices that will get us to where we want to be. We are committed to equal opportunity and equity, and we are working on overcoming our biases and ensuring that good intentions are turned into action across Implement.

Our commitment to sustainability needs to live in every project we undertake and in our own business too. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our footprint as a business and as individuals, and this only gets more important as we grow. This means tough choices where we must constantly challenge and rethink yesterday’s behaviour to come up with new ways of working. 

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If this has made you curious about what it is like to engage with us, we are grateful to have sparked your interest. However, when joining us, there are a few things you need to know.

Helping others transform in an ever-changing world has left us with an ingrained scepticism towards repetition and “what is”. We will always challenge conformity whenever we think there is a risk of becoming too content.


There are, however, things that only rarely change and that we will not compromise on.

  • You must be a master in your field of expertise. How else can we inspire others to think differently and find better solutions?
  • You must have a genuine interest in and be curious about other people. How else can we understand, engage and encourage them to venture into new and uncharted territory?
  • We do not believe in formal hierarchies – never have, never will. Resources are allowed to flow freely to where they are needed and where they create the most impact.
  • We do not appoint our leaders; we choose them. Once a year, we choose our own leaders because we know who is best suited to help us grow.
  • We have few rules and guidelines, and that is on purpose. Implement belongs to all of us and is ours to develop, explore and care for. And we believe that autonomy is the best way to foster creativity, innovation and long-lasting solutions.

To some, it might seem a bit chaotic and unstructured. Others will instantly recognise it as the perfect playground for their talent to flourish. No matter what, you can be sure that you will get all the help and guidance you ask for when you take the driver’s seat of your own career and design your journey at Implement.

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A global transformation collective