Predicting transformation success (and failure)

The benefits realisation survey 2024

22 April 2024

Manage benefits and you manage the #1 transformation risk

Transformations are in trouble: your transformation, and the programmes, projects and initiatives driving them, will realise 50% of its benefits potential – if you are lucky.

That is the diagnosis we have made based on data gathered from more than 145 respondents – executives, PMO professionals and project managers – representing both the private and public sectors and more than 10 different industries.

Key findings that indicate trouble – only:

Behaviours and capabilities may matter – and they may not

The most surprising finding is that some key behaviours and capabilities make a massive difference to your organisation’s ability to realise benefits – and others do not matter much. These finding allow us to predict the success (or failure) of your transformation, programme or project. And even with very high statistical certainty.

In the report, we highlight the key behaviours and capabilities that will deliver real, measurable benefits to your projects or programmes and ultimately help you succeed with your transformation.

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The report includes an executive summary, a deep dive into the conclusions as well as the detailed overview of the data as a supporting appendix.

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