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There are dreamers, there are doers – and there are both

23 May 2024

Daring to dream. Ready to implement.

Transformative, yet disruptive. This is the power of artificial intelligence. In hard-hit industries such as software development and sales and marketing, AI has already ripped through business, and this is just the beginning. These industries are the most obvious places to use a disruptive new technology.

But imagine if AI were electricity. Imagine that we have just invented the light bulb, and we are implementing light bulbs everywhere, all of a sudden keeping the lights on in factories at night and being able to read and study after the sun goes down. At this stage, however, no one has yet discovered – or even imagined – the electric engine, electrified cooling or the battery.

Here we are, at the early stages of AI’s transformative potential on business, society and the future as a whole. But can we imagine where we are heading, and do we even dare? This is the challenge we want to overcome.

You are invited!

Looking for AI support?

AI is the biggest invitation we have seen for ages to rethink everything from the way we work to how we run our organisations. We should not – and will not – just focus on technology and single use cases.

With Implement as your transformation partner, you will receive support from the very beginning, exploring “where do we want to go?” and co-creating the answer to the immense question of “where do we start?”. We will be there to collaboratively conclude “where we should end up” and “how we will get there”, all the while addressing and incorporating the natural concerns and scepticism that arise when something is new, experimental and unfamiliar.

We know that a detailed plan is an insult to the future, especially when it comes to a disruptive technology such as generative AI. So we take it step by step, prototyping ideas into proposed solutions, testing them to see their viability in the concrete organisational context in which they need to function, with the people who use them, before deciding on their scalability.

We are here to help you master the translation from dream to tangible impact!

We use our expertise in end-to-end business transformation to help you navigate the digital age where AI plays a vital part.

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