The economic opportunity of generative AI in D9+

An Implement Consulting Group study commissioned by Google

1 December 2023

Generative AI will boost global economic growth in the coming decade. It can boost the competitiveness of the D9+ region, which represents 12 digitally advanced countries within the EU. For the D9+ to capture the full benefit, the region needs to promote innovation and use digital technologies and services to transform sectors and companies.

An Implement Consulting Group study commissioned by Google has estimated generative AI’s GDP contribution and implications on jobs in the D9+ region. Capturing the full potential of generative AI, however, depends on a number of drivers of AI adoption – from a robust operating environment to the availability of skilled AI practitioners. 

Key findings of the study

  • Generative AI could boost the D9+ region’s GDP by EUR 500 billion, amounting to +8% GDP over ten years if D9+ takes a frontrunner trajectory.
  • The gains come from three sources, including productivity increases from people working with generative AI, freed-up time from generative AI’s job automation potential and the re-employment of time to other value-creating activities.
  • 62% of jobs in D9+ are estimated to work together with generative AI, while only 6% of jobs are estimated to face partial or full displacement due to generative AI.
  • Based on the historical annual average number of job openings and closures, the D9+ region is well-placed to manage the job changes from generative AI.
  • Capturing the full benefits of generative AI will require D9+ countries to be ready for AI adoption – readiness indicators indicate that D9+ has some way to go.
  • D9+ is doing well on drivers related to early adoption, including operating environment, government strategy and infrastructure but lags behind on innovation capabilities, including AI-related skills and investments.

The D9+ region includes Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland, Spain, Luxembourg, Estonia, Portugal, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Poland.

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This report kicks off a series of reports on the economic and societal opportunities of generative AI – so stay tuned!

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