Generative AI’s impact on a media conglomerate

A major media conglomerate and Implement Consulting Group

6 February 2024

A major media conglomerate transformed its journalistic process with generative AI, achieving groundbreaking productivity and quality enhancements while increasing employee satisfaction.

Inspired by the potential shown in MIT studies, a media conglomerate initiated a project focused on assessing the benefits of applying generative AI to its content creation processes. 

Based on in-depth analysis and observation of the current work supplemented with dedicated sessions designed to inspire and detailed training in advanced AI techniques, journalists were empowered to leverage the full potential of large language models in their workflows, marking a new chapter in content creation. 

The project identified the potential to boost productivity by +20% and improve quality by +10% while increasing employee satisfaction – a potential that will be realised by redesigning the journalistic process and applying a range of new tools combined with extensive training and coaching.

Using generative AI to increase productivity while also improving the quality of content creation

Over the past decade, newspaper companies have had one key element to address: how to deal with the downward spiral of circulation and advertising. When circulation declines, so does advertising; then costs need to be reduced, but if this is done in the journalistic process, the content quality is reduced, and circulation will eventually drop even more.

For the first time in years, generative AI represents a lever that could increase productivity while improving quality – making it possible to adjust the cost base and still leave room for product development and high-quality content creation.

A series of meticulously planned phases to equip journalists with sophisticated tools

The initiative unfolded through a series of meticulously planned phases. It started with workshops to spark imagination and exploration, followed by comprehensive training in prompt engineering. This training, encompassing both foundational principles and complex techniques such as contextualisation and process prompting, equipped journalists with sophisticated tools to fully harness the capabilities of generative AI.

An impressive increase in productivity 

The integration of generative AI into the conglomerate’s workflow resulted in an impressive 29-39% increase in productivity and a 10-24% improvement in content quality. Employee satisfaction also saw a significant boost, indicative of a healthy shift in the work environment. This change was paralleled by a noticeable transition in journalistic roles, shifting the focus from primarily writing content to more nuanced tasks of reviewing and refining content.

The project was carefully quantified through a mix of data analytics, feedback surveys and process analysis, clearly demonstrating the beneficial impact of generative AI on the media industry.

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