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A public entity and Implement Consulting Group

6 February 2024

A public entity wanted to transform its customer service through AI and achieved unprecedented coverage of customer service agent enquiries within weeks.

A public entity was struggling to meet its service targets for citizens, particularly with regard to response and processing times. Therefore, the company initiated an innovative project to reshape its customer service.

The project centred on the development of an AI-powered chatbot system designed to offer authoritative and precise responses. This strategic transformation marked a departure from traditional knowledge handling to a data-centred communication approach, leveraging the power of AI to enhance service quality and response efficiency.

A need for an AI-based solution 

The project was initiated as the company faced increasing pressure to provide accurate, regulation-compliant information, and the existing knowledge base did not provide the assistance and agents needed to keep up with customer enquiries. This resulted in a cumbersome case handling process and time-consuming sparring with colleagues.

This prompted the need for an AI-based solution to deliver consistent, up-to-date responses and alleviate the burden on service representatives.

Ambitious objectives and a 12-week timeline 

Together with Implement, the public entity set ambitious objectives and a 12-week timeline. On that basis, the project team embarked on creating a chatbot system capable of handling a wide array of enquiries from customer service agents while at the same time upskilling internal resources to maintain and develop the chatbot further. 

The goal was to construct a robust AI chatbot database that adhered strictly to the company’s accuracy and regulatory compliance standards.

An AI chatbot handling 85% of all customer enquiries in under 30 seconds

The deployment of the AI chatbot was swift and effective, going live in just four weeks. Within three months, it achieved an impressive milestone, handling 85% of all customer enquiries in under 30 seconds. This marked a substantial upgrade in the company’s customer service delivery and demonstrated the chatbot’s capacity to provide reliable information promptly.

The successful integration of the AI system improved operational efficiency, and 75% of the customer service agents use it every week.

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