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From the second you join, Implement is yours to develop, explore and care for. You’ll find few rules and guidelines – and that’s on purpose. We aim to create the perfect playground for talent to flourish – and our colleagues enjoy a great deal of autonomy to work the ways that best suit them, their teams and their projects.

Our dream is to help people and organisations succeed with their most important change initiatives. To turn plans and ambitions into reality. To move forward, improve and create impact.

From Copenhagen to Munich, via Oslo, Zurich, Stockholm, Malmo and Aarhus, how we do that changes constantly.


There’s no one way to be an Implement consultant, but if you’ve ever wondered what a typical day or week or year looks like, here’s Rolf Heide-Ottosen to talk you through his journey as a consultant so far.

Meet Christoffer working with pricing

Meet Thomas working with modularisation

Meet Susan working with information and cyber security

Meet Amélie working with energy and climate

We want you to keep developing

We want to give every employee in Implement the opportunity to develop into the best consultant with both deep functional and transformational expertise.

Therefore, we have created Implement University, a collection of ambitious journeys to help everyone – at every level – learn, develop and become their very best consultant selves.

At the University, you will meet our partners and leading consultants as trainers, thereby ensuring that experience, knowledge and expertise are shared and passed on throughout the entire organisation.

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Mastery through nerdery

We define consulting as, in essence, helping. That’s what we do. We’re in the business of helping. And we count ourselves extraordinarily fortunate to work with major organisations, helping them solve their most critical challenges.

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Appreciation and autonomy

We want to help people and organisations solve their most critical business challenges to create real, lasting change. Turn grand ideas into concrete realities. Turn thoughts and plans into something authentic and tangible.

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Design your own career

How you progress at Implement and what level you reach for, is for you to decide. Often in combination with your leader, who is chosen by you, and who is there to guide you to become everything you aim to be.

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Getting you on board

Onboarding is a process that we aim to continuously tweak, hone and perfect in order to make becoming a central part of our organisation a rewarding experience.

UpFront has been specially designed to accelerate the onboarding journey. Watch the film below to get a taste of what happens at UpFront.


Want to join?

All our current positions are listed below, but just in case there’s not something that fits you perfectly, why not drop us an unsolicited application? Whoever you are, if you are a curious and nerdy people-person who wants to help major organisations succeed with their most important change initiatives, we’d love to hear from you.