For Implement, creating real change with our clients always comes first. But being a place for great people to do their best work comes a close second. That’s why we are extremely humbled to once again be among the top 25 consulting companies to work for in Europe in this year’s Vault rankings, published in 2023.

We scored a top 5 in firm culture, satisfaction, hours at the office and formal training, giving us a respectable 16th place ranking overall.

Recognising the efforts of many

Huge credit goes to our awesome HR team who ensure we successfully onboard an increasing number of new colleagues every month. 

Last year, more than 450 people joined us, which only proves the high levels of energy, skill and effort demanded of everybody in HR to make this happen.

But our thanks extend to everyone in our organisation, from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Germany to the US – and the unique culture we are able to create and nurture together every day.

Almost 500 Implement consultants participated in Vault’s survey, with their own experiences of working here being compared with those of employees of consulting companies throughout Europe.

In their report, Vault describes us as “(…) a unique culture that puts employees at the center of everything. Small wonder, then, that insiders seem happy with their lot, describing an open environment that is built to give consultants the ability to design their own futures” and as a firm “with a lot of autonomy and flexibility to balance work and life. Base salaries are on par with comparable firms, with a solid bonus structure and stock options. All in all, this is a firm that will appeal to those who are happy to carve their own paths (…)”.

Lovely words indeed. And on that note, we’ll leave you with some highlights from the anonymous responses from our colleagues.

What our colleagues say

“The company does not use terms like divisions or departments. Instead, they are called practices and CoPs (communities of passion). Passion is the key. With no passion, no CoP – it will die. And some CoPs will be closed down when there are no more passionate people to drive the subject. Then new CoPs will pop up, which shows the company is agile to adapt to the market on what is hot, and where the needs are, along with the required skills to solve the tasks. So PASSION is the key – and it shows throughout the organisation.”

“Lots of internal training. Choosing your own leader. With a bit of experience, you can basically follow your mastery and choose the practice/area you love to work in. Big focus on diversity. Very human-centric consulting company – a wonderful, (positively) challenging place to work and grow. You have to see it to believe it.”

“The interview process is much more about getting a feeling of the candidate’s personality than testing the candidate’s skills. After all, it is much easier/faster to learn how to draw a matrix and use a method toolbox than to learn how to be an empathic and kind colleague.”

It is super ambitious, and super difficult - but we want to help organisations get fit for humans and fit for the future.

“Consulting culture where people are put at the core. Implement’s approach is hardly standardised; we work on the co-development of solutions with our clients. There is no standard development journey at Implement. Every consultant is empowered to craft and tailor their own path, and Implement grants the tools to support every single journey.”

“(…) Overall, I believe Implement has one of the most flexible and fit-for-life cultures in the consulting industry on a global level – truly Scandinavian.”

“Implement offers something different from other established management consultancies. I believe there is a great potential for the “Scandinavian way of consulting” in big markets like the US, Germany etc., and we now have the base to grow from with more offices in big markets.”

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We see ourselves as both a leading transformation consultancy and a human collective. No matter who you are, we invite you to help shape our journey onwards. You have a voice – an opportunity to help shape a company where autonomy, mastery and purpose have been the foundational elements from day one.

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