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From a naval school for girls to new-school consulting

In the Copenhagen area, we are occupying two historic locations: Tuborg’s old headquarters in Hellerup and the former Naval School for Girls in Borgergade in Nyboder, a historic naval area in the eastern part of Copenhagen. Together, these two offices are home to more than 1,000 Implementers and serve as the base for both client projects and collaboration among Implementers.

Built in 1859 by the architect Bernhard Seidelin, our Borgergade office started out as the Naval School for Girls for daughters of naval officers and seamen of the Royal Danish Navy. However, the building only housed the girls’ school for 10 years before becoming the headquarters of the Royal Danish Naval Academy where cadets and naval officers, including the later King Frederik IX, were trained in the beautiful historicist building from 1869 to 1939. In the early 1970s, the Danish Geodata Agency resided in the building, and it later housed a law firm until Realdania By & Byg took over the premises and initiated an extensive restoration of the building, bringing it back to its original more than 160-year-old look.

Honouring our charming old building, we decided to name all the rooms after visionary and courageous women and men; people who lived their lives in Copenhagen while playing a vital role in shaping the city, the country and sometimes even the world we live in today.

Our Borgergade office creates an environment that is ideal for supporting creativity and passion in our everyday work life. And most importantly, the old school provides the perfect base for us to help people and organisations succeed with their most important change initiatives.

We do not work for you, we work with you

Our approach might differ from your average consultancy – clients come to us because they are looking for a partner rather than a supplier.

We believe that real change happens through people. It is co-created. It is nourished when deep subject matter knowledge is brought into play in a way that involves and creates engagement. And last but not least, it happens when we are curious. When we dare to hold seemingly opposing perspectives without collapsing into an unambitious choice or compromise. When we embrace strategy AND implementation. Thinking AND doing. Insight AND impact.

This has led us to the conclusion that consulting is more than just giving advice, cracking the problem and coming up with the answer. We believe that problems are best solved by leveraging the wisdom of the crowd and trying to solve the problem together. Collaboratively and with respect for the skills we each bring to the table. We call it collaborative consulting.

We believe that this approach is necessary when wanting to help people and organisations succeed with their most important change initiatives. Which we do.

Get to know us

Our Copenhagen office holds everything from young talent to highly experienced experts. What unites us is our curiosity, nerdery and passion for turning plans and ambitions into reality. To move something forward and create long-lasting impact.

This calls for ambitious and passionate people. Someone with profound mastery. Someone who knows their field of expertise better than anyone else. Someone who is willing to inspire, learn and grow. Always.

So, that is what we strive to be: the best place for the best people.

Our culture is characterised by a high degree of autonomy because we truly believe it is the best way to foster creativity and long-lasting solutions. We do not believe in formal hierarchies – never have, never will. Resources are allowed to flow freely to where they are needed and where they create the most impact.

To some, it might seem a bit chaotic and unstructured. To others, it is the perfect playground for their talent to flourish. No matter what, you can be sure that you will get all the help and guidance you ask for when you take the driver’s seat of your own career and design your journey at Implement.

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