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4 February 2018

Double your chances of project success in much less time

In 2015 a report by the Standish Group revealed that only 33% of projects achieve the success they set out to. We wanted to change that. Together with three universities and 17 organisations, we co-created a whole new project methodology – Half Double – which is now proven to deliver > 70% success.

In our book, we bring the Half Double methodology to life with vivid project cases that illustrate how Half Double is reducing time to impact and literally changing the face of project success.

A handbook for project practitioners

The Half Double book is written for all passionate project practitioners out there. Whether you are a PMO, project owner, project leader, team member or someone who invests time in temporary endeavours undertaken to create impact – this book is for you.

It’s a practical handbook designed to change the way you think and act with projects. It provides hands-on principles, methods and tools to help you realise impact in your projects fast and effectively.

What is the Half Double methodology?

Co-created with Aarhus University, the Danish Technical University (DTU) and The Danish Industry Foundation, the Half Double project methodology has been shaped and perfected through a series of pilot projects over a number of years. The core idea of the methodology is to create a flow of impact throughout a project’s lifecycle. The thing you do differently with Half Double is ensure projects are carried out in order to achieve impact. Deliverables are simply a means for reaching this goal.

In our book, we argue that you must turn away from measuring short-term deliverables such as time, cost and performance. What you need to measure is impact.

Download chapter 1 & 2 

You can get the first two chapters of the Half Double book - it's 60 pages.

Download the two chapters in English here.

Download the two chapters in Danish here.

Half Double is a complete agile methodology

In the Half Double book, we extend the known agile methods with concrete methods for impact realisation, reflective leadership and a strong focus on how people are motivated and perform.

Half Double is all about placing an extreme focus on three core components:

  • Impact – stakeholder satisfaction as the ultimate success criterion
  • Flow – intensity and frequent interaction in project work, learning and impact
  • Leadership – embracing uncertainty and making the project happen

Combined, these three components help you to reduce time to impact, keep the project in motion and promote leadership of people rather than management of technical deliverables.

Half Double is a methodology – it is not a method. We reject the notion that you can apply one method in the same way in all situations. Instead, the principles must be locally translated to suit your particular needs. This is an exercise that necessitates conscious reflection, change management, and collaborative leadership. All skills that the Half Double book elaborates on.

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