Virtual facilitation

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7 April 2021

We have written a book on Virtual Facilitation to help businesses of all sizes and across all industries to raise the quality of their virtual sessions. On this page, you will find templates, tools, and methods to ensure high-quality sessions.

Our book is a practical guide to facilitating effective and engaging virtual sessions – for practitioners by practitioners. In the book, we do not only talk about the technical aspects of virtual facilitation, we're bringing our years of experience in human behaviour to help you get the best out of your people and the technical possibilities that lie before us.

Watch the video from the book launch below

Watch the recording from our event where we launched the book Virtual Facilitation.

Buy the book Virtual facilitation here.

Practical tools for “how to get there”

Additional materials for the book Virtual Facilitation

Below, you will find templates, tools, and methods adding to the book Virtual Facilitation. We will share materials such as the templates we describe and inspiration for process methods.

The materials are divided into three categories:

  • Templates for design
  • Tech tools
  • Process methods

We will also provide extra content such as inspirational blog posts about the software we use, and we will continue to share news within the field of virtual facilitation.

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Tech tools 0 6

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