A digital solution to help you make projects more agile and successful

16 January 2020

Project Pulse is a web-based application for you to become more agile and responsive to the real-time experience of stakeholders.

In a complex world, stakeholder satisfaction is the number one leading indicator for success. By using Project Pulse, you can easily connect with those stakeholders and stop second-guessing if your project or team is creating value, making real progress or whether people are engaged.

In Project Pulse, you can measure stakeholder satisfaction. Simply set up a cycle of our innovative “Pulse” surveys, and you will know now what matters most and get actionable feedback to act now, before it’s too late.

More impact. Faster.

  • Stop second-guessing what matters
  • Increase satisfaction

Higher productivity

  • Identify and remove obstacles before they obstruct
  • Get actionable feedback for fast response

Stronger leadership and engagement

  • Stay tuned to better lead and manage expectations

Simple and engaging

We've made the groundwork in the application so that you can focus on taking action. The tool is simple and intuitive and – once logged into the platform – you can easily:

  1. Set up your Pulses: In minutes, you can set up Pulses, add participants, customise your survey using our templates and schedule a frequency matching your needs.
  2. Run Pulse Check: Participants receive an email with a link to the online Pulse Check with an intuitive, light-touch and engaging design. People can provide their feedback in minutes.
  3. Take action: Insights are presented visually in real-time dashboards for you and your team to easily track progress and spot improvement areas.

By sending out “Pulse Checks” at a regular frequency, you enable your projects and teams to learn faster, make relevant solutions with real value and capture obstacles early while empowering people to engage.

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