Welcome to the SAP ePP/DS webinar series – part 2!

Join us for an exclusive journey into the world of SAP ePP/DS and aATP, where sales meet excellence in manufacturing.

We are excited to reveal the content of our second webinar in a series, where we will explore the different migration and implementation strategies of ePP/DS and how you can harmonise your sales processes with production planning processes.

Get ready to learn about the latest SAP ePP/DS and SAP aATP (Advanced Available-to-Promise) innovations, get system demos and explore best practices for operational planning and scheduling processes with SAP aATP.

In this second webinar, we will cover:

  • A recap of the first webinar
    We will revisit the first webinar and what is new with SAP ePP/DS compared to APO PP/DS, recapping the most important innovations and differences.

    Watch the first webinar here
  • How to implement SAP ePP/DS
    Take a deep dive into examples of implementation strategies and the highlights of the main choices to make, depending on where you stand today with ECC vs S4 and APO vs ePP/DS.
  • SAP ePP/DS and aATP live demo
    We will explore how aATP and ePP/DS will work together to enhance the integration of production planning, sales order confirmations and ATP.

    We will also look at the key highlights of new aATP and ePP/DS developments that are shaping the future way of planning.

The second webinar in a series

This webinar is the second in a series of webinars designed to keep you at the forefront of ePP/DS innovation. Stay tuned for more webinars that will delve deeper into the details of ePP/DS, its implementation strategies, integration options, best practices and much more.

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Who should attend?

This webinar is relevant to manufacturing professionals, supply chain managers, production planners, SAP IT professionals in planning and supply chain, gATP/ATP professionals and SAP APO IT professionals – or anyone interested in optimising production and planning processes.

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