Are you curious about how to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) effectively and avoid common pitfalls to make a significant impact on your business? Join us for an afternoon event where we will share real-life success stories and discuss hands-on approaches to deploying AI beyond chatbots.

In an era where technology is rapidly reshaping the business landscape, staying ahead of the curve is not just an advantage; it is a necessity. You may be facing increasing pressure to reduce operational costs, enhance knowledge management or remain competitive in a market where faster and more personalised service is expected.

An afternoon on AI with expert insights and a real-life case

Integrating AI into your business has significant potential, but it can also be complex and raise concerns about risks and ethics. 

This afternoon, we invite you to explore AI and uncover its broader and more impactful applications for driving business value with Mads Kaysen, AI expert at Implement, and Mette Modvig, Head of Digital and Project Excellence at Novo Nordisk Foundation. You will also get insights from a real-life case from ATP, Denmark’s largest pension and social security provider.


This event will equip you with

  • Case insights from Novo Nordisk Foundation and ATP, demonstrating practical learnings and benefits of AI
  • Actionable steps to kick-start your AI initiatives and how to avoid common pitfalls when deploying AI

We look forward to seeing you on 23 May 2024.


Mads Kaysen
The Tech Collective, Implement Consulting Group

Mads Kaysen is the CEO of The Tech Collective, a part of Implement Consulting Group.

With extensive experience in executive roles, he has dedicated his career to driving change and achieving results through innovative technology. Combining his expertise as an entrepreneur and business leader, Mads specialises in conversational and generative AI solutions.

Mette Modvig
Novo Nordisk Foundation

Mette Modvig is Head of Digital and Project Excellence at Novo Nordisk Foundation and is responsible for digital strategy and AI efforts.

Before joining Novo Nordisk, she co-founded Vendapto, a user-friendly SaaS tool for information security, and worked as a management consultant specialising in digital projects. Mette is one of our guest panellists who will share her expertise in generative AI strategy and its potential to drive business success.


Generative AI revolutionises global philanthropy
Charting new territory in philanthropy, a leading global charitable foundation wanted to adopt generative AI to deepen its societal impact and streamline grant-making processes.

A tailored generative AI strategy was conceived and made ready for implementation to equip the foundation with analytics for better decision-making, automate routine tasks to free up human resources and establish a data-driven framework to maximise philanthropic impact.

A comprehensive analysis of potential use cases was conducted, leading to the identification and prioritisation of initiatives aligned with the foundation’s mission. Key strategic initiatives were identified to leverage generative AI to improve decision-making, streamline operations, foster innovation and accelerate societal impact. A technical track paralleled this effort, focusing on the rapid development and prototyping of AI tools.

It also focused on the importance of organisational design and change principles to ensure that the structure and culture of the foundation are prepared for the changes brought about by generative AI and that all employees are equipped with the necessary skills to adapt and evolve with the new technologies.

The impact

- Measurable improvements in operational efficiency, employee engagement and data-driven decision-making processes, setting a precedent for ongoing transformation and innovation within the organisation.

- The foundation’s pioneering use of AI has set and – as implementation is ongoing – will continue to set a new benchmark in the philanthropic sector.

- As the foundation continues to refine its AI capabilities, the ripple effects of its enhanced decision-making processes promise to extend far beyond its own operations, inspiring other organisations to consider how artificial intelligence can amplify their impact on society.

Boosting case handling speed and service quality with a chatbot
A large public service financial institution was struggling to meet its service targets for citizens, particularly with regard to response and processing times.

The internal knowledge base was seen as a major source of inefficiency. Difficulties in searchability, navigation and content quality made case agents rely on their colleagues rather than using the system. As a result, the financial institution faced a higher risk of processing errors and longer onboarding times for new hires.

To address these challenges, we built an internal chatbot on top of the existing knowledge base. In 12 weeks, the chatbot was taught to handle 500 of the most relevant topics in a highly specialised legal field, achieving an impressive resolution rate of 80%.

In addition to the chatbot project, we also established a centre of excellence (CoE) with six internal employees who were trained and certified in conversational AI and conversation design.

The impact

- Knowledge is now centralised in one place that is easy to find, use and understand, patching the “holes” in the existing knowledge base.

- Reduced knowledge search time to under 30 seconds per query.

- The company now has a knowledge platform that can be frictionless and smoothly updated.

- The company can expand with more chatbots – the new CoE can maintain and develop chatbots for other areas of the company.

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