In this webinar, we will be drawing from our experience in assisting large companies with extensive cost-out initiatives to successfully calibrate their cost structure. Join us and learn how Implement can be your transformation partner in terms of strategising, planning and executing cost optimisation projects.

Although the world is recovering from the pandemic, we’re not returning to normalcy, and signs of crises and recession are omnipresent in the global market. A global health crisis has been supplanted by geopolitical instability, a perpetual storm of disruption for supply chains, inflationary pressures and a recessionary environment. The rising cost of raw materials is one of the biggest threats to the profitability of manufacturing companies and has resulted in a decoupling between companies’ revenue growth and cost spend.

While revenue has grown for many companies in the last couple of years, so has their cost spend – often relatively more so than the revenue. At the same time, consumer demands and regulatory environments are changing rapidly, posing an even greater challenge for companies to overcome to remain competitive and profitable. 

For companies to thrive in this environment, they will have to integrate sustainable cost reduction strategies into every part of their business: their governance structures, their talent pool, their processes, their organisational structure and their culture. 

A morning on conducting extensive cost-out initiatives to successfully calibrate your organisation’s cost structure

To thrive in this environment, companies will have to completely transform their organisation, and here, we at Implement can help. 

We have developed a methodology and a set of tools to assist large companies in undergoing this transformation. We help identify and realise large cost savings through rapid repricing instruments, procurement diagnostics and category optimisations, and we help rebuild and restructure the organisation so that these new practices and strategies become anchored in the very core of the company. We focus on both short-term savings to immediately help your company increase its liquidity and on helping your company build the long-term organisational capabilities that will turn the short-term savings into long-term sustainable economic practices.

Join us virtually on 5 March 2024 when we host our webinar and dive into how we can help your organisation build the right governance structures and capabilities in order to drive these cost savings across your organisation. To guide us through this cost-out journey, we’re inviting senior partners Jakob K. Bruun and Nikolaj Dyg Hansen to a panel discussion hosted by consultant Ida Cecilie Rønne.

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We look forward to seeing you on 5 March 2024.

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