Do you want to know more about how you release the impact of your process improvement projects, or do you struggle with how to prepare for an upcoming S/4HANA or a similar ERP project? Or are you just interested in Signavio? Join our online session and learn more.

At the event, we will focus on how you can leverage your end-to-end (E2E) process assessment framework and possibly empower it with Signavio. We will not only showcase the transformative capabilities of the end-to-end framework but also deep-dive into core elements, such as key design decisions, maturity and uncertainty assessments, all serving to enhance the probability of ensuring the right process design decisions.

This online session will provide an insightful exploration of the use cases for our own developed framework and utilisation of Signavio as an optional accelerator for shorter time to impact. 

Why should you attend this OnPoint session and spend an hour in our company?

  • To gain a comprehensive understanding of the core components of our proven end-to-end process assessment methodology.
  • To explore the advantages of utilising Signavio as an accelerator for handling uncertainty and gain insights into a current process landscape and operating model.
  • To participate in an engaging discussion on practical deployment of the end-to-end assessment framework.


Introduction to Implement’s end-to-end process assessment

Understanding the building blocks and the approach to evaluate, benchmark and optimise your end-to-end processes.

Introduction to the core elements 

Key design questions, key design decisions, working with degrees of maturity, uncertainty, prioritisation of initiatives and hypotheses.

Signavio as an impact accelerator

Unveiling the advantages of integrating Signavio as part of the end-to-end process assessment framework.

Success stories and case examples 

We will cover how the framework can be used to utilise the current state and gaps towards a brownfield S/4 implementation, process optimisation project and how to ensure impact realisation of an S/4HANA implementation. This includes examples of a project plan, including report out/road map.


Questions and considerations.

Any questions?