Would you like to know more about self-management and co-leadership in organisations? Then join us for this webinar where we will dive into the topic and discuss practical challenges and dilemmas you may face when starting a transformation.

Today’s accelerated business environment is increasingly complex, leaving many companies challenged by staying dynamic and adaptable and creating an organisation where knowledge and experience can flow freely and where customers and products are in focus.

In this business environment, you need to have an organisation that can dynamically scale, adjust, adapt and improve its way of working to fulfil its full potential.

A morning on transforming your organisation to become dynamic, fast acting and empowered

Join us for a morning on dynamic and agile organisations – organisations whose architecture is built on a clear and transparent team structure based on empowerment of the individual role so that tasks, accountability, decisions and capabilities are distributed.

At the event, we will also examine how self-management and co-leadership in organisations create the needed balance between autonomy and alignment at the individual, team and organisational levels.

This short session will give you:

  • Knowledge and insight into the architecture of a dynamic agile organisation based on self-management and co-leadership.
  • Insight into how to start the journey of becoming an organisation of distributed authority.
  • When using the learnings, you will be able to:
  • Start your local transformation journey towards self-management and co-leadership.
  • Start using the inclusive decision method in meetings!

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