Take a step deeper in the AI conversation on how businesses can utilise knowledge graphs and large language models to elevate their foothold in their respective industries.

Join us for an enlightening session hosted by Implement Consulting Group, featuring MB Shipbrokers and Zeenea, where we delve into the synergy between large language models (LLMs) and knowledge graphs (KGs) – a powerful combination that is reshaping the landscape of AI-driven communication and decision-making.

A morning on the synergy between large language models (LLMs) and knowledge graphs (KGs)

At the event, we will kick off with an insightful introduction by Ole Olesen-Bagneux, author of The Enterprise Data Catalog (O’Reilly) and chief evangelist at Zeenea, who will demystify LLMs and KGs and introduce the potent LLM/KG pattern.

Senior data governance manager at MB Shipbrokers, Pernille Helene Kjeldsen, will present a compelling use case highlighting the limitations of current chatbot technologies when they lack critical business and domain-specific context. Through her experience, Pernille will demonstrate the construction and benefits of a knowledge graph developed with Zeenea, offering a comprehensive 360-degree view of information and the capability to navigate and explore domain-specific knowledge.

To round off the event, we will then transition back to Ole Olesen-Bagneux, who will present a practical solution for refining LLM-based chatbots with the rich context provided by KGs, significantly enhancing their responsiveness and relevance in business applications.

The event promises to be a “must attend” for anyone interested in the cutting edge of AI, data governance and how these technologies can be harnessed to drive more informed and context-aware interactions in the digital age.

Sign-up required, free breakfast included.

Limit of 120 participants.



Ole Olesen-Bagneux
Chief Evangelist, Zeenea

Ole Olesen-Bagneux is a globally recognised thought leader in data catalogues and enterprise data management. He has written The Enterprise Data Catalog published by O'Reilly. 

He holds a PhD in Library and Information Science from the University of Copenhagen. His expertise in data management and mesh is that of a specialist, a leader and an architect. After a rich experience as an enterprise architect with GN Store Nord, he recently joined Zeenea as chief evangelist.

Pernille Helene Kjeldsen
Senior Data Governance Manager, MB Shipbrokers

Pernille has an MSc in Information Science and a professional background in metadata management, knowledge representation and information architecture.

Currently, organising the world of shipbroking at MB Shipbrokers, where she works as a senior data governance manager focusing on standardising data and making data discoverable and ready for AI solutions. Pernille has lots of hands-on experience, forming the tangible world of shipping into segments of usable and understandable business data.

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