How can you navigate and overcome supply chain complexity while mastering your integrated business planning capabilities?

The global supply chain management landscape is currently navigating a maze of unprecedented challenges, including supply shortages, geopolitical conflicts and climate-related disruptions. The past years have highlighted the fragility of supply chains, undermining the stability we once took for granted. In response, organisations are now focusing on strengthening their supply chain planning capabilities, which are critical to sustainable growth in these unpredictable times. 

The shift from reactive to resilient strategies has become imperative, which underlines the importance of synchronised supply chain management to mitigate these challenges effectively.

An afternoon on integrated business planning

Join us for an inspiring afternoon, co-hosted with SAP. Here, we will delve into how to master production complexity using PP/DS, look at the importance of financial planning for sustainable supply chains and explore new opportunities with synchronised planning and AI optimisation through SAP’s Digital Supply Chain solutions.

During the event, we will focus on using generative AI for supply chain management to tackle global supply chain challenges, enhance planning efficiency and introduce dynamic, exception-based planning features in SAP IBP to better predict and respond to disruptions.

Are you keen to be inspired by real-life stories about how businesses are bringing integrated business planning (IBP) to life? This is your chance. Uncover the secrets to fast and effective rollouts and stay in the loop on the latest innovations in the area of integrated business planning from SAP IBP. 

Sign up today and learn more about

  • How AI is revolutionising supply chain decision-making: expert insights from SAP and application use cases across the supply chain
  • How ePP/DS can help you master your production complexity
  • Best practices, successes and learnings from customers sharing stories about their SAP IBP journey
  • Making your IBP process more effective by leveraging the cutting-edge features of SAP IBP, such as exception-based planning
  • Understanding the human side of mastering transformation projects

After the session, we will serve an apéro, giving you the opportunity to network with other supply chain professionals in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Do not miss this opportunity to stay informed and shape the future of your supply chain. Register now and be part of a collaborative and insightful experience.

At the event you will have the exclusive chance to meet speakers from Klöckner Pentaplast, Teva and IBSA as well as SAP.


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