Why Half Double?

Managing and leading projects is not an easy task. Two out of three projects fail. Half Double improves this number immensely, as 87% of documented Half Double projects have been a success. 

What differentiates the Half Double methodology from other project management methods is that it rejects the traditional reliance on resources and deliverables and places absolute focus on impact, flow and leadership. This is why the majority of Half Double projects outperform comparable projects in the same organisation.

But how does it work in real life? 

If you are interested in the answer to this question, then join our webinar. 

Here, Henrik Guldberg Pedersen, Vice President of R&D at Topsoe, will join us for a talk about his key experiences and learnings from implementing and using the Half Double methodology in R&D projects. Topsoe is a frontrunner when it comes to utilising Half Double in projects, which makes them a great example of HOW it can work in real life. 

During the event, you will get the chance to ask Henrik Guldberg Pedersen questions about his experiences and gain first-hand insights and inspiration on how Half Double can benefit you in your projects.

This short session will provide you with

  • Learnings from the valuable insights generated from Topsoe’s experience with implementing the Half Double project methodology in R&D projects
  • Inspiration on how Half Double might benefit your organisation
  • A perspective on why Half Double creates impact in a heavy R&D organisation

Any questions?