Tesla releases hardware changes 27 times a week per model, while Toyota, its fastest competitor, does minor product changes every 2.5-4 years. How is that possible?1 Join us and learn more about how to accelerate the speed of new product introduction by integrating modularity and agile execution. 

Do you want to push products and customer value-adding changes to market at incredible speed? You can do so by enabling the synergies between modular product development and agile processes to drastically accelerate the speed of new product introduction. 

If you are curious about challenging the ways you work in your organisation, join this webinar and explore how integrating Modular and Agile can amplify your competitive advantages to:

  • Increase customer product satisfaction
  • Enable more frequent releases
  • Enhance product performance and flexibility
  • Increase development efficiency
  • Reduce manufacturing costs

We look forward to seeing you.

1: Joe Justice, Chair of the Agile Business Institute, CEO of Team WIKISPEED, International Institute for Learning 2021.

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