Nordic companies stand on the brink of a transformative opportunity with generative AI. As a paradigmatic force, generative AI offers a glimpse into a future where artificial intelligence and human creativity converge, unlocking potential across industries.

The economic implications of generative AI are profound. McKinsey estimates that generative AI could contribute up to USD 4.4 trillion globally, underscoring the magnitude of this revolution. Closer to home, the D9+ region’s expected GDP boost of EUR 500 billion over the next decade highlights the unique position Nordic companies occupy at the forefront of this wave. With over 60% of jobs evolving to work with AI, the narrative shifts from displacement to empowerment, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between technology and talent.

As Nordic CxOs navigate this digital frontier, questions of strategic importance emerge:

  • How will generative AI redefine our operational and strategic paradigms?
  • In what ways can AI-driven innovation enhance customer engagement and operational efficiency?
  • What steps do we need to take to integrate AI seamlessly into our organisational culture, ensuring a collaborative future where technology and human talent reinforce each other’s strengths?

A morning on generative AI

Join us for this live event in Oslo, where we will explore questions of strategic importance related to harnessing generative AI for competitive advantage. 

At the event, we will be joined by Joachim L. Johnsen, EVP Commercial of Avinor, who will share how a company of Avinor’s size and complexity has chosen to address questions related to generative AI – and what answers they have revealed.

You will: 

  • Get an updated perspective on the topic of generative AI – what have we learned after 1,5 years of access to the technology?
  • Get a real-life practical example of how generative AI can be exploited to drive business value
  • Get hands-on advice and practical examples of how to harness generative AI for competitive advantage


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