Understanding the core principles and mastering the implementation and operations of NIS 2

The EU NIS 2 Directive must be adopted and followed by 17 October 2024. Successfully implemented, NIS 2 can be a driver for your business. But what exactly will that look like? Join our NIS 2 masterclass and get equipped to answer that very question.

A comprehensive two-part training course on NIS 2

At Implement Consulting Group, we offer you a comprehensive two-part training course on NIS 2: 

  • a 1-day Foundation course 
  • a 2-day Practitioner course.

You can choose to participate in either one of the courses or take the full masterclass (both courses) to obtain deep operational knowledge. 

Our masterclass provides you with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge of NIS 2 alongside specific tried and tested tools and methods to ensure hands-on compliance. We base our training on Implement’s learning methodology of active engagement with concrete case studies, scenarios and practical examples.

The two parts of our NIS 2 masterclass

Foundation course
One day of training

The 1-day Foundation course provides you with a solid understanding of the NIS 2 Directive through an active and engaging learning methodology. After the course, you will be able to advise on NIS 2 compliance.

The purpose of this course is to establish a common understanding and language about the importance of cybersecurity risk management with a focus on meeting the minimum requirements of NIS 2.

The training will be practical and hands-on to equip you to assess and apply the knowledge gained about NIS 2 in your own organisational context.

Practitioner course
Two days of training

The 2-day Practitioner course provides you with a deep understanding of the NIS 2 Directive. You will receive tangible training in technical, legal and risk management implementation to gain the competencies necessary to implement and manage cybersecurity measures effectively in your organisation.

The purpose of this course is to provide you with a practical toolbox for taking your company through the entire NIS 2 journey. We offer a proven approach and toolkit to help you derive value from current initiatives and elevate them to meet the required standards of NIS 2.

At the 2-day course, we emphasise a hands-on approach where you apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios by working on a real NIS 2 case. Through exercises, case studies and practical examples you will be able to translate what you learn into actionable strategies.

Join our masterclass, equip yourself to handle NIS 2 compliance and ensure ongoing maintenance of compliance efforts in your organisation.

In both courses, we emphasise that being a secure and responsible business is more than just compliance; NIS 2 is a team effort.

Who is it for?

Our masterclass is for anyone involved in information security, both at a managerial and operational level, from legal professionals to risk managers, project managers and technical profiles.

The Foundation course establishes the fundamentals of NIS 2, including how to start implementing NIS 2 in practice. Participants often attend the course to gain a solid foundation of knowledge and tools that they can use on their organisation’s NIS 2 journey.

The Practitioner course is for the “doers” who want a deeper understanding of the NIS 2 Directive and its implications and to establish and maintain a NIS 2 security journey. Participants are often people who work with cyber and information security on a daily basis, including legal, technical, GRC and project management functions.

What will I gain from my participation?

  • An understanding of the key concepts and requirements of NIS 2
  • Increased knowledge of cybersecurity risk management
  • The ability to identify if your organisation is in or out of scope
  • Tools to evaluate your organisation’s current maturity level and gaps in compliance
  • An opportunity to put your knowledge into practice with real-world NIS 2 cases, analysing gaps and building an implementation road map
  • Access to the full Implement NIS 2 toolbox and tips and tricks on how to apply it in your organisation

Register for the course

You register for the masterclass by sending us an email stating if you want to participate in: 

  • Foundation (1 day)
    DKK 6,995, excl. VAT
  • Practitioner (2 days)
    DKK 9,995, excl. VAT
  • Combined (3 days)
    DKK 15,995, excl. VAT

17-19 September 2024
all days 09:00-16:00

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