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Take the fast path to growth and renewal though designing innovative business models.


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Torbjörn Månsson

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We help you deliver new growth and competitive advantage through innovative business models

The only constant is innovation. In a rapidly changing world prone with technology disruptions and emerging global challenges, all businesses need to be constantly evolving and innovating. That is the only sustainable path to long-term success.

We believe in taking a human-centric approach to uncovering emerging needs and shaping new business opportunities. We bring together cross-disciplinary teams to creatively turn opportunities into new business model options and distinct value propositions. We design, co-create and collaborate. But first and foremost, we prototype fast to make future options tangible and to enable testing of critical assumptions systematically. Everything is orchestrated in an iterative process aiming at delivering a clear blueprint for future growth and sustainable renewal.

At Implement, we are uniquely positioned to leverage our broad internal network of functional experts devising your future path to growth. Further, we collaborate extensively with outside experts to make the future come alive faster than expected.

Key services

  • Customer insights and opportunity mapping
  • Future trends and scenario building
  • Business model and value proposition design
  • Fast prototyping and business model validation
  • Corporate innovation labs and growth accelerators