Unleash the full potential of generative AI

Six strategic questions to help organisations gain the full potential of generative AI

20 June 2024

Take a different approach to unleashing the full potential of generative AI

Generative AI is everywhere and on everyone’s mind. New groundbreaking applications and imaginative use cases are introduced on a daily basis. Technology develops exponentially. Adoption rates soar.

However, the current enthusiasm and widespread applications in business need to be put into a strategic perspective.

We investigated the use of AI in the Nordics and found strong utilisation of generative AI among employees, a keen focus from leadership but a lack of strategic prioritisation:

At the end of the day, generative AI is merely a technology, and to unleash the truly transformative potential, strategic choice making is needed. If not, the implementation of myriads of exciting use cases might turn out to be the biggest waste of resources in the history of organisations.

Compelling opportunities, deep strategic thinking and decisive resource allocation are needed to harvest the full potential of generative AI.

Bottom-up experimentation must go hand in hand with a top-down strategic view of making the right choices for the future.

From our experience, you need to explore six strategic questions to unleash the full potential of generative AI

The six strategic questions

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