The strategy function reimagined

How might we rethink the way we strategise to create sustainable impact?

13 March 2020

As our world becomes increasingly uncertain and complex, we find ourselves questioning why the predominant approach to strategy still largely relies on heavy four-year plans designed by a few people at the top of the organisation.

To challenge the status quo and to ignite a discussion about new ways of strategising, we have crafted different images of your future strategy function.

Based on experience from numerous strategy projects and inspiration from our collaboration with global thought leaders, we started asking some new questions:

  • What if we started strategising continually rather than updating in four-year cycles?
  • What if we saw strategy execution as a social movement rather than over-engineered rollouts?
  • What if everyone was invited to hack strategic issues and join real conversations about root causes and barriers to success?
  • What if …

We do not have definitive answers yet. But we have painted inspirational images and collected cases from vanguard companies that are taking a different approach to strategising.

Below, you can download our booklet with eight prototypes and sixteen inspirational cases.

A sneak peak into the inspirational booklet

Download the inspirational booklet

This booklet provides inspiration for the strategy function reimagined. It explores eight different images – some quite radical – of the future strategy function and its role, each with two cases. Fill in your information and download the booklet



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