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4 April 2018

Open up the innovation process to discover new ideas and partnerships

Open Innovation is the idea of opening up the often confidential processes of product development and seeking an environment of co-creation. Inspiration and commitment is achieved by involving existing or new external stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, start-ups or researchers.
The idea of inviting external stakeholders to participate in confidential processes of product development might seem like a bold move. But choosing an open innovation approach that involves customers, suppliers, start-ups and researchers offers many rewards.
Each year customers purchase over four million windows and doors manufactured by Inwido. Inwido is the market leader in the Nordic market, but they wanted to challenge themselves on how they do innovation – innovate innovation, basically. The purpose was to break out of the normal habits and look for new sources of innovation. To get an insight into market needs and opportunities as well as raise the bar for their offerings, Inwido asked the question: How far can windows and doors go?

We wanted to find new ways of innovating products and services – and to do it quickly. So far, the results have been overwhelming – both in relation to level and quality.

Anders Isaksson, COO, Inwido

Business analysis

Inwido chose an open innovation approach where the new product development process was opened up towards external stakeholders.To scope this process and ensure valuable outcomes, a deep analysis was carried out. The analysis took a closer look at Inwido’s business including analysis of:

  • Product portfolio: Understand current positioning and white spaces to open up possibilities for new offerings
  • Value chain: Understand how profits are concentrated to find new ways of extracting profits
  • Value propositions: Understand the current business model to allow for innovations in how to satisfy selected customer segments

Based on this analysis, Inwido formulated five inspiring challenges:

  1. Easy and safe installation
  2. Recycling system of used windows and doors
  3. Control in combination with fun and inspiring purchase
  4. Security and safety and still be easy to use
  5. Why are we buying windows and doors?

These were used as headlines and acted as a common reference tool when detailing and validating solutions. The 5D model (define, discover, direct, design, develop) was used as a guideline for scoping the collaborative workshops.

Open innovation process

The key words in the design of the open innovation process were MIX – FAST – INTENSE.
The mix was created by involving a broad set of people and organisations. These included entrepreneurs, consumers, researchers, suppliers and the network of local start-ups at Ideon Science Park.
The fast process was executed within a timebox of ten weeks to produce at least five new inspiring ideas with connected teams to go into incubation.
Intense workshops acted as key milestones where participants gathered. The 5D model (define, discover, direct, design, develop) was used as guideline for scoping the collaborative workshops and the following selection of concepts to be developed and commercialised.

The 5D model


Inwido set an internal benchmark on what quality can be achieved within just a couple of weeks.
During this intense project, 16 new teams learned what it takes to develop new concepts based on deep customer insights and utilisation of research. Six of these teams were selected to further develop their concepts into real products together with Inwido. Of the 16 teams that set to work when the project started, six teams were selected to further develop their concepts into real products together with Inwido.
Maybe you will experience the great results of the project yourself the next time you buy a new window

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