Behaviour-driven benefits realisation

A practical guide
Akademisk Forlag

26 January 2021

Realise the benefit potential in your change projects

Change projects require large amounts of time and money. At the same time, leaders, PMO managers and project managers know that most of our change projects do not realise the benefits they should. The latest study made by the Danish government (Rigsrevisionen, September 20) shows that when we measure benefits realisation, only 18% of business case benefits from large IT projects are realised. The Standish Group suggests that the number is 33%, but even if that is true, most organisations are in a situation where they realise the cost but only realise a fraction of the benefits.

A practical guide on how to succeed with change projects

The book “Adfærdsdrevet gevinstrealisering” (Behaviour-driven benefits realisation) provides a new approach to change projects, where the benefits define the project and are connected directly to behavioural change as the key driver for realising benefits.

The book is a practical guide for you to get more out of your change projects. Step by step, the book takes you through our approach to benefits realisation and change and shows how it builds on the project and portfolio practices you are already using.

Get inspired by cases and ready-for-use scripts, posters and tools

To further ease the adoption of these new approaches to benefits realisation and change, the book is based on cases from Ørsted, University of Copenhagen and Nykredit which put the examples, scripts and posters into context and make the book easy to use.

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