#Dogmas for making strategy work

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7 November 2018

Only 33% of all strategic initiatives are successfully implemented. Only 14% of all employees consider themselves fully engaged in their job. In an ever-changing world, these findings have proven to be a constant over time.

This leaves huge untapped potential for organisations across the globe. Some of this potential could be unleashed by rethinking the way organisations strategise.

It’s time for a new approach to making strategy work. It’s time for creating better choices, higher engagement and greater impact.

Strategy is one thing. Making it work is another

Let’s be clear. We haven’t found the conclusive formula for how to do strategy. But based on decades of hands-on experience and from collaborating closely with global thought leaders, most notably Roger Martin, we’ve learnt a few things. Things that might inspire new ways of strategising in a business world where agility and speed hold the key to success.

We propose a set of dogmas for making better strategies. The dogmas are intended to stimulate thinking about how to strategise in new ways that are more fit for humans and fit for the future.

Our dogmas are simple. They are based on our everyday work with companies, and we’ve seen them work. We hope that they will inspire and improve your strategic work – and ultimately your business results.

Dogmas for making strategy work
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