The approach you select, plan and execute when embarking on a SAP S/4HANA transformation will radically influence your ability to adopt the next generation of technology as well as business processes. Will it be the first stepping-stone towards an ongoing transition, or will it result in everlasting loops of attempts to try to get back to standard SAP?
We need to change our mindset, methods and tools

In order to make ERP relevant again for top management, it will have to solve more than just being another source of questionable information. 

We need to make sure that all the critical aspects of being an organisation in today’s digital economy become embedded elements in the SAP S/4HANA journey towards becoming an intelligent enterprise. Thus, you need to know how SAP S/4HANA will support your top-line growth, increase your earnings as well as make it possible for you to ensure that this is happening in a sustainable way, making it your one source of truth. 

Roadmap choice

Setting the right strategic direction for your S/4HANA journey is a matter of understanding your current state, pains and visions for the future. 

What: the basics

  • We need to understand what your current organisation looks like from a business as well as a technical point of view in order to take the level of complexity into consideration.
  • We need to understand your expected key drivers for a SAP S/4HANA transformation project (e.g. will it be business-driven or IT-driven? Do you see a need for redesigning your business processes?). 
  • We need to understand the capabilities available within your organisation as well as the willingness to change and at which pace you desire to make the transformation. 

How: approach

  • Depending on what stage you are at in assessing whether a new implementation or system conversion to SAP S/4HANA is the right transition path for your organisation, we recommend you to: 
    • Start out with a quick assessment of 10 parameters to give us an indication of which transition path would be the right one for your organisation 


  • We can go directly to a small series of workshops, helping you to define the right roadmap for the chosen transition path. 

Transformation design

Ensuring that the transformation will be completed successfully, i.e. on time, on budget, on scope and with the intended impact. 

What: the basics 

  • We convert the SAP S/4HANA transformation roadmap and strategy into manageable plans, activities and deliverables, making sure that all relevant areas are covered in terms of process, technology, data and people. 
  • We ensure that governance relating to the transformation is designed, implemented and monitored. 

How: approach

  • We involve your organisation to ensure co-creation of required strategies, methodology and standards as well as plans for the transformation project.
  • We add subject matter expertise and SAP best practice concepts to your own capabilities to speed up the transformation.
  • We set the scope based on your business processes, identify key design decisions that need to be true throughout the transformation and specify the functional and technical requirements. We assist in selecting software, hardware and service partners, e.g. implementation and hosting.
  • We ensure a high quality of data via a thorough transformation and test of data before the final data migration.
  • We ensure change management and ongoing development of capabilities within your organisation.

Completing the transformation

Executing your SAP S/4HANA transformation is about leveraging accelerators and ensuring that requirements are met to prepare your organisation for running the business in a new setting. 

What: the basics 

  • We execute on the plans, activities and deliverables defined in order to succeed in the SAP S/4HANA transformation – from the very first prototype through testing, cutover, go-live and hypercare.
  • We ensure that the transformation is completed successfully, i.e. on time, on budget, on scope and with the intended impact and quality. 

How: approach

  • We combine SAP’s project methodology, SAP Activate, with agile elements from the Half Double project management concept.
  • We expect that your organisation is heavily involved in preparing requirements and conducting testing and training as part of the capability development.
  • We ensure a high quality of data via a thorough transformation and test of data before the final data migration.
  • We ensure change management and communication with all key stakeholders.

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