Half Double

Any good methodology must be flexible and human-centric. It must transcend figures and deliverables, and focus on impact, flow and leadership.

Half Double is our tool, our methodology and our mindset across every project we take on. It’s how we’re able to collaborate better, work faster and increase impact.


If we don’t know a project’s impact until after it’s finished, we haven’t done our job properly.

We don’t focus on a final set of fixed deliverables, but on the continuous impact of the whole journey. 

We can see what’s happening while we’re delivering the project. We learn as we go. We adapt to the unexpected, and we don’t hope it will work – we already know it will.

We cut time and we increase impact. We achieve solid, lasting success that exceeds stakeholder expectations.

Previous, more traditional project management methodologies have maintained a narrow focus on time, cost and scope. We look at the wider impact.


If projects were always clearly defined and predictable, our work would be much easier.

But they aren’t, so it’s essential to be on top of everything that’s happening. We need to know that progress is being made, and that the energy remains positive.

This is the flow of the journey, and it should be moving constantly in the right direction.

We simplify the flow by not fragmenting the project into a series of individuals working on a single facet. Half Double encourages the team to work together, ensuring everything is done thoroughly, in an order that makes sense.


People make projects succeed. Actions and engagement make people succeed.

A true leader embraces uncertainty and uses adversity to make bold decisions with confidence.

A true leader doesn’t take centre stage, but shares progress and responsibility with the team, seeking honest input and buy-in from the people they lead.

A true leader will commit more time and energy to a project than they ask of others, and accept that while responsibility is shared, it ends with them.

A true leader leads with compassion, enthusiasm and commitment – and expects the same.

Local translation

No two projects are the same.

Half Double is not rigid and inflexible. As we can make any project fit into our methodology, so our methodology can also fit into any project. It can be tailored to meet your needs, your structures and ambitions. It respects your values and culture.

If you try to force a business through a system that doesn’t fit, one of them is going to break. This is why we’ll make sure that Half Double is yours, as well as ours. We call this co-ownership local translation.