CCUS – Carbon capture, utilisation and storage

With the growing challenge of climate change, the need for scalable and commercially viable carbon management has never been more urgent. We can already now count several full-scale carbon capture, utilisation and storage projects in development across Europe. However, only a few have yet managed to sufficiently mature their projects to reach final investment decision.

CCUS remains an emerging industry with business models, cross-sectoral value chains and markets still to be established. Project developers – from point-source emitters to permanent storage providers – are trying to navigate a complex decision landscape with high uncertainty and significant commercial risks.

We believe that scaling CCUS goes beyond simply addressing the technical barriers. Developing commercially viable business cases in a shifting project environment requires integrative thinking across a variety of functional capabilities, from developing business models and downstream partnership strategies, maturing new revenue streams to designing and executing commercially driven procurement processes for large asset acquisitions.

For more than 20 years, we have built our expertise in helping organisations manage large, messy and complex projects. Coupled with our experience from working with some of the largest CCUS projects in Europe, we are uniquely positioned to help you succeed with your carbon management projects.

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