React, Adapt, Transform

Implement OPEX 2020

28 September 2020

How can we drive operational transformations, improve operations through digitalisation and sustainability, and build the capacity to adapt to rapid and constant change?

With help from guest speakers from IKEA, APM Terminals (Maersk) and Dow, who shared deep insights and experiences of global operational transformation, Implement OPEX 2020 provided the opportunity explore and reflect on what it takes for operations to become fit for the future.

Highlights from Implement OPEX 2020

How can 22,000 people be engaged and empowered to work more efficiently?

Keith Svendsen, COO of APM Terminals (a subsidiary of Maersk), shared insights on how to ensure large operational transformations can achieve substantial cost savings and remain future proof.

You can see Keith’s entire presentation here

Keith's three takeaways

How can digitalisation enhance customer experience, improve employee satisfaction and deliver bottom-line results?

Peter Marshall, Supply Chain Director of Dow, understands how challenging digitalisation is, especially for established companies in the manufacturing sector. In an interview with Pedro D’Arezzo Maestrelli, Peter discussed how organisations can find their way on the digital journey by focusing on the human factor as new technology is deployed.

You can see Peter’s interview with Pedro D’Arezzo Maestrelli here

Peter's three takeaways

How can you reduce emissions throughout the value chain and start your journey towards becoming climate positive?

Sheva Rostam, Project Leader, Climate Positive Strategic Initiative, IKEA, explained just how vital it is for companies’ sustainability ambitions to be completely integrated into the business strategy, before diving into how IKEA is working towards becoming climate positive by 2030 and what you can do today to start reducing emissions in your supply chain.

You can see Sheva’s keynote and Q&A here

Sheva's three takeaways

How involving and engaging people is critical to the success of an initiative

Financial Times columnist and BBC podcast host Tim Harford used fascinating examples – from psychology to aviation and TV gameshows – to illustrate the art of adapting to change in organisations, and reflected on the common themes emerging from the day’s talks.

In his keynote, Tim highlighted three obstacles we frequently encounter and provided insights into how we can best overcome them.

You can see these extracts below

Obstacle #1: Conformity

Obstacle #2: Slow learning

Obstacle #3: How we think

Tim's three takeaways


To wrap up, Susan Salzbrenner and Pedro D’Arezzo Maestrelli – partners at Implement and co-hosts of Implement OPEX 2020 – drew a series of conclusions from the different perspectives of operational excellence that had been presented and explored.

You can see Susan & Pedro’s wrap-up here

Three top-line mindset shifts:

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