Changing conversations

Conversations might just be the smallest biggest thing in catalysing transformation

Tor Nonnegaard-Pedersen
Katrina Marshall Dyrting


We care about helping leaders make their organisations become fit for humans and fit for the future – and we have a hypothesis that conversations might just be the smallest biggest thing in catalysing real, sustainable change.

Our life is full of conversations! Making up the space within which we interact and engage with each other, conversations are where we create our sense of meaning on a daily basis.

In our work-life, conversations represent the place where culture is visible and living. The very words we use about our joint efforts defines the way we perceive the quality and productivity – and thus, conversations are the main place where change materializes.

Our conversational beliefs

Organisations are conversations.

Conversations are the currency and means by which we create together, organise together and evolve together.

Change is changing conversations.

Conversations are the trigger point for real transformation. If you want transformation, you must change the conversation.

We shape our conversations and they shape us.

Conversations are accessible to every person in the organisation. And in the process of changing the conversation, we change the way we think (and hence, the way we act).

Changing conversations – follow a developing movement

The power of conversations is inevitable. We all know how much a great meeting or conversation can impact us and others. However, mastery in the discipline of conversations is still rarely a focus area in any organisation.

We want to change that! And for this, we need as many perspectives as we can get. In short, we need you!

We are exploring and expanding our knowledge about conversations – to share with all of you. We do it with clients, business and thought leaders, academics and artists.

Podcast series

Changing conversations

Listen to our “Changing Conversations” podcast​ where we gather interesting perspectives on the topic in conversation with business leaders, management thinkers and thought leaders.

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Tor Nonnegaard-Pedersen
Katrina Marshall Dyrting

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The power of conversations

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