Take a short break between your meetings

Virtual meetings have become a normal part of our workday, and we bet that many of your calendars are swamped with back-to-back virtual meetings 💻.

To avoid being  swamped with back-to-back virtual meetings, make an active decision about how long your meetings actually have to be. A tip is to create a buffer zone between each meeting. By doing this, your calendar will automatically create a 10-minute buffer at the end of each meeting, allowing you to refill your coffee ☕ or get some fresh air 🚶‍♂‍ before the next meeting. 

Here is how you do it:

Go to your Outlook > File > Options (lower left corner) > Calendar > check “End appointments and meetings early”:

Why should you do this? Because you need to take care of yourself AND your colleagues AND your customers by allowing everyone a screen break between virtual meetings.

Let us all contribute to a less stressful virtual meeting culture. 😊

If you want to know more about how to design and execute a virtual session, you may be interested in reading our book “Virtual facilitation”. 

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