Drive profitable growth with digital B2B lead generation

On-demand webinar

9 January 2020

We can all see that the world is heading in an increasingly digital direction. The question is, how do we address these changing customer needs and behaviours in our B2B sales and marketing?

The 25-minute webinar covers:

  • How to transform your traditional B2B sales funnel to create a more compelling customer experience and deliver accelerated sales and marketing.
  • How to provide a concrete Return on Marketing Investment and deliver measurable marketing impact.
  • A case study detailing exactly how companies are putting theory into practice and driving a B2B sales pipeline through digital channels.
  • A six-step approach for accelerating your digital B2B lead generation.

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Get insights from our digital marketing specialists and specific steps for getting started with and improving your online lead generation.

This webinar is ideal for companies looking to embark on a digital lead generation journey as well as sales and marketing experts who want to accelerate their current lead generation efforts.

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It’s no surprise to anyone that today’s customers are heavily influenced by digital channels;

  • The customer’s buying process is 57% complete before they even speak with sales reps.
  • Almost two-thirds of buyers research nearly half of their purchases online.

The traditional approach to B2B sales and marketing simply does not cut it anymore. Marketing has become integral to sales, making it a growth driver in its own right. We need to bring our sales and marketing functions together and spread responsibilities both up and downstream in the sales funnel if we want to deliver a truly unique customer experience and drive higher revenue.

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