Digital strategy

How to create and capture value from digitalisation

1 July 2021

Digitalisation is rapidly changing the world and blurring industry barriers, and it is happening at a faster pace than ever before. Technology is changing the game, and every organisation needs to define how best to respond strategically.

A digital strategy enables your organisation to determine how to create value from digitalisation by applying a digital strategy to optimise processes and customer experience or to determine whether to develop new products, services and business models.

With a digital strategy, you can evaluate which emerging and mature technologies hold the greatest potential for your organisation and provide structure and alignment across business units and functions to a common digital aspiration through a defined digital transformation roadmap.

Bridging the commercial and technological agenda to support your digital strategy

At Implement, we support your digital strategy by bridging the commercial and technological agendas to identify digital futures that are viable, feasible and desirable as well as aligned with your digital maturity level. You will benefit from our vast experience with technology and industry use cases while we inspire and challenge the status quo.

We will co-create and facilitate the process with high involvement and engage your organisation in creating energy and commitment to the digital aspiration. We will support you in aligning the digital strategy with the corporate, business unit and functional strategies and creating the loop for the digital strategy to infuse business strategy and vice versa.

We are driven by creating impact. We know what it takes to cascade a digital strategy across the organisation and how to build capabilities and define a digital operating model to bring strategy to life. Our services cover the full life cycle of the Why, What and How of digitalisation.

Our key services

  • Digital strategy across the enterprise, business unit or function
  • Digital organisational design and operating models
  • Digital capability building and enablement

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