Behind the scenes on the virtual setup

– Inspiration on the technical setup of your virtual session

Have you ever thought about what a good virtual setup actually looks like? We have gathered a few examples of a small-scale, medium-scale and large-scale setup for you to be inspired by.

What setup should you use?

Small-scale setup

If you are a participant in a virtual meeting or workshop, we recommend that you use the small-scale setup: 

Behind the scenes: small-scale setup
Medium-scale setup

If you are the facilitator of a meeting, a workshop or a training session, we recommend that you use the medium-scale setup:

Behind the scenes: medium-scale setup
Large-scale setup

If you do a large-scale session with more than 50 participants, and you have an ambition of active involvement, we suggest that you use a large setup (and get some help from a technical assistant):

Behind the scenes: Large-scale setup

We wish you good luck and hope that the examples above can be an inspiration for your virtual sessions.

If you have any questions, please reach out

Material collection

Templates, tools and methods

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We have collected additional materials for the book Virtual Facilitation.

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