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Changing conversations

Conversations might be the smallest biggest thing in making organisations fit for humans and fit for the future. In this podcast, we discuss how change happens and manifests in conversations, both for us as humans and for organisations. We will be joined by business leaders, management thinkers and thought leaders from academia and beyond.

Fred Dust: Committing to the conversation

Fred Dust is the founder of Dust&Co. He works as a designer and advisor to social and business leaders and he is the author of the book “Making Conversation”. He works at the intersection of business, society, and creativity where he tries to implement the craft of humancentric design. In this conversation, we talk with Fred Dust about the importance of committing to the conversation and thinking of conversation as a creative act.

Key topics covered in this episode are building a space for creative conversations, committing to the conversation first, the people second and your beliefs third, making friends with the unknown and the importance of being a good listener. 

David Whyte: Courageous conversations

David Whyte is a philosopher and poet. He explores the conversational nature of reality, focusing on the relationship of human beings to their world, to creation, to others, and to the end of life itself. In this conversation, David Whyte challenges us to think of conversations not as an exchange of words but rather as a lens through which you can look at your life and way of being.

Key topics covered in this episode are being in conversation with the things that are other than us, the concept of a beautiful question, the conversations you need to stop having, the invitation you bring into a conversation and letting the conversation do the work.

Elizabeth Stokoe: Effective conversations

In this episode, hosts Katrina Marshall Dyrting and Stig Albertsen are exploring how British professor Elizabeth Stokoe’s research and experience could be applied to better understand and change conversations. Stokoe is a is a scientist and Professor of Social Interaction at Loughborough University where shy also studies conversation analysis. Key topics covered are our ability to predict the way a conversation is going to go, the way that one word can change an entire conversation, mapping conversations to better understand which parts of them work less well and the importance of “recipient design” in shaping great conversations.


Priya Parker: Gatherings that change us

In this episode we meet with conflict resolution facilitator and author, Priya Parker. We discuss takeaways from her book, “The Art of Gathering” and how to make a gathering meaningful, effective and engaging. 
In the pursuit of designing more transformational conversations and meetings, Parker encourages us to address the deepest need of the moment in our gatherings, to name a meeting according to its purpose, and to think about when a conversation or a meeting should take place in the context of the “arch of the week”.


Roger Martin: Changing conversations in strategy

In this episode, hosts Katrina Marshall Dyrting and Stig Albertsen are joined by renowned strategy advisor and author Professor Roger Martin to talk about the five strategy questions laid out in his book “Playing to Win”. Through the lens of changing conversations, they discuss a case example from the book: how strategic conversations might have been problematic in the past, what the resulting conversations looked like, and what it took to change those conversations.

Mads Nipper: Leaders in conversation

In this episode, hosts Katrina Marshall Dyrting and Stig Albertsen are joined by Ørsted CEO Mads Nipper. The episode explores how leaders are never not in conversation and Mads Nipper’s perspective on how he engages in those hundreds of touchpoints each day.

Stig Albertsen and Katrina Marshall Dyrting: Change is changing conversations

In this introductory episode, hosts Stig Albertsen and Katrina Marshall Dyrting discuss changing conversations in organisations and lay out the foundation for this podcast series: why focus on conversations, what could be possible if we do and who we will meet in the coming episodes?



Changing conversations

Dive into our topic on how conversations might be the smallest biggest thing in catalysing transformation.

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Priya Parker: Gatherings that change us: