Your transformation will realise 50% of its benefits potential – if you’re lucky

Succeeding with strategic transformation is critical to all organisations. Still, our ability to deliver real, measurable benefits from the projects, programmes and initiatives that drive our transformations is at best flawed.

We need to change that.

This event could be the first step. Here, you will get the ability to predict if your transformation, programme or project will succeed or fail.

We present you with …

  • The (sometimes painful) facts about the current state of benefits and change management – the benefits realisation survey 2024 report.
  • The big picture of benefit-driven transformations and how to accelerate benefits realisation at both organisational and project levels.
  • Key insights into the behaviours and capabilities that drive benefits realisation – and the ones that do not.

How to get started if you are an executive, PMO or project manager

Realising your benefits potential requires change. At the event, we will present how to get started if you are a project manager and want to succeed with your particular project, if you are heading a large transformation, or if you want your whole organisation to realise its benefits potential.

We look forward to seeing you there.


About the survey

The benefits realisation survey 2024
  • 145 executives, PMO professionals and project managers across industries answered a survey about their organisation’s ability to realise benefits and their current ways of working (behaviours) with transformation and the projects, programmes and initiatives that drive them.
  • Key behaviours at the executive as well as project and programme management levels make the difference between the vast majority of organisations that realise less than half of their benefits potential and the 24% of organisations that realise more than half of their benefits potential.
  • The survey report includes an executive summary and a deep dive into the conclusions, and it also lets you dive into the data and the statistical evidence and conclude for yourself.

Read more and download the survey here

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