Strategic Agility

Strategic agility makes companies faster, more agile and efficient in their development, as their ambition and intent unite in a dynamic portfolio of cross-organisational initiatives, all brought to maturity step by step.

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We help you become agile in a world demanding speed and flexibility

Traditional strategy work is being disrupted by fast and complex changes in an uncertain world. Organisations must respond in a timely and flexible manner without being bogged down in corporate theatre and slide decks. And it is not just one industry being affected, but every type of business. The necessity of understandingand reacting to new challenges will only increase in the coming years and so will the need for strategic agility.

Strategic agility is a new mindset and a sound method

Implementing strategic agility consists of four elements:

(1) Identifying the common financial and growth ambition.

(2) Designing and managing a coherent portfolio of initiatives.

(3) Having clarity of purpose expressed in strategic guidelines, issues and positions.

(4) Introducing processes to develop and shape the three elements mentioned above.

If we succeed in doing that, we achieve strategic sensitivity, resource fluidity and collective commitment.

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