Ensuring GDPR compliance using facial recognition

A real estate company and Implement Consulting Group

1 December 2020

The project: Using machine learning to detect human faces and ensure compliance

Having a massive unstructured data storage of files, including a multitude of pictures of buildings, flats and offices – in some cases showing people – a client in property investment, leasing and management needed to ensure compliance with recent GDPR legislation without investing substantial manpower.

Some of the key aspects of the project were the unknown structure of the file storage, strict on-premises requirements and the need for cutting-edge performance obtained through state-of-the-art artificial neural network models.

Together with the client, Implement helped develop a cutting-edge automatic facial detection system to passively monitor the data storage. The system is able to scan thousands of images in just a couple of hours, detect and classify non-compliant cases and even automatically delete as needed.

The impact: Becoming GDPR compliant within weeks

The project resulted in a solution that made the client able to get GDPR compliant within weeks without dedicating substantial manpower.

The automatic and passive nature of the system means it has zero impact on existing client workflows and can be safely and easily integrated into the current data flows and structures.

The system has saved the client an estimated 500 hours of work of tedious error-prone work or a costly restructuring of their business processes.

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