Designing a modern data platform architecture

A process outsourcing company and Implement Consulting Group

1 December 2020

The project 

A process outsourcing company in pension services had a vision to build a “member aura” (i.e. a 360-degree view of its client’s many hundreds of thousands pension customers) to support e.g. member counselling and digital marketing.

The company had a legacy on-premises data warehouse originally designed for compliance and financial reporting. Implement helped the client evaluate this data warehouse to see if it could support the “member aura” visions, and the conclusion was that it was too unstructured and rigid to support much more dynamic and, in some cases, real-time streaming-based data pipelines. Thus, Implement assisted the client in designing a modern cloud-based data platform together with a road map for implementation.

The impact

As a result of the project, the company was provided with a foundation for deciding if they should proceed with the “member aura” and move to the cloud. We also provided the client with a road map and an agile operating model for realising the vision, which is now changing the client’s way of working with data management.

The impact of the project is that the outsourcing company is:

  • Becoming more efficient and significantly reducing time to market
  • Building better quality in data pipelines and data structures
  • Involving the business to ensure a continuous focus on business value creation

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